Nutrition Center for abandoned infants

The Nutrition Centre, caring for abandoned malnourished infants, was inaugurated in 1980. It presently cares for 20 infants from 4 weeks to 3 years. These ‘unwanted’ infants are often found abandoned in drains, under shrubs, on the sea – shore,. When found, they are handed over to the Police by a good Samaritan, who then hands them over to the State Receiving Home functioning under the Government Department of Probation and Childcare. They then, through a Magistrates’ order send the child to our Weerasekera Nutrition Centre. By this time the child is in a very poor state. No sooner the Centre receives the child, it is medically attended to and cared till it is in a proper and good state of health. This normally takes 2-3 years.

Ground Focus Nutrition Center for abandoned infants
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